All projects begin with an initial design consultation. This 1 to 2 hour meeting discusses your design vision, your project goals and the general budget you have in mind. We then talk about the best possible approach and the services required for your project’s specific needs.

Roots Architecture + Design encourages a holistic approach to the design and construction process; offering full architectural and architectural interior services. With this approach, RA+D is integral from the initial conceptual design. Working to foster dialogue and coordination with the builder and all the design consultants, RA+D strives to produce a highly coordinated and detailed set of construction drawings and specifications. RA+D will continue to provide support through project pricing and the entire construction of your project until the day you move in.

Focused on being a custom architecture + design studio, services also have the ability to be customized. Roots Architecture + Design recognizes that full architectural services are sometimes beyond your project’s needs and therefore tailored a la carte services are available.



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Creating projects that are a true reflection of the client's personality and style requires really getting to know them on a personal level. Custom design is truly that "custom." Pre-design is a continuation of the initial design meeting. This is the time to get to know the client even better, the site and the overall project requirements and regulations. Open dialogue with the client aids in developing a complete program outline for the project. By listening closely, RA+D can then make note of specific details and have a better set of tools to personalize the project. Also during this phase, RA+D will visit the site and document notable features. The client may also be asked to obtain a land survey to support the upcoming design phase. Further information is also gathered by documenting any existing structures with as-built drawings and also doing the initial research for governing codes, and building and permitting requirements.


The fun part begins. It is now time to use all the information gathered and to analyze and produce design ideas. Clients are encouraged to continue to give Roots Architecture + Design details about themselves and the design vision they have for the project. Open communication is a key tool in developing a successful project and it begins with the client architect relationship.

Design commences with conceptual diagrams. The analysis of the site illustrates key views and addresses the approach from the street to the building. Diagrams and quick sketches begin to look at the general functions of the building and their basic relationships to each other and to the site, while considering all the information gathered during the pre-design phase of research.

Conceptual design flows into schematic design seamlessly. Diagrams become rooms and overall forms begin to take shape and building elevations are developed. This phase typically encompasses 2 to 4 client meetings depending on the project’s complexity. A client’s interaction and feedback continues to be instrumental in developing the architectural design. Once the client is pleased with the plans and the overall base building elevations and forms; the project moves into the design development phase.

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As the design progresses, the building is refined and evolves into the foundation for precise working drawings. The client continues to be integral to the process by reviewing the design and making decisions. The conversation now is focused on exterior finish materials and the overall project’s finer details.

Also at this time, RA+D will guide clients through selecting outside design consultants to become part of the project team. They will become essential in developing the coordinated technical construction drawings moving forward.

The point in the project that a builder becomes involved can vary from project to project. Roots Architecture + Design holistic approach encourages builder dialogue as early in the design process as the client is comfortable, and will assist the client, as needed, in forming this relationship. The design development phase is a great place to begin dialogue with the builder. Drawings are progressing and their experience, general feedback and rough pricing can be extremely beneficial.


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At the beginning of the construction document phase, the overall design is virtually complete and it is time for the architect to fully document, detail and to continue to coordinate systems with other consultants. The time spent in this phase directly relates to the ease of construction later on. During the construction document phase Roots Architecture + Design is also producing a specification document of the materials to be used on the project. All of the drawings and specifications together become part of the contract documents. As these documents are completed, the project is ready to be priced competitively and built.

Each governmental jurisdiction requires different information to be supplied for a permit application. RA+D will issue drawings at the appropriate time for a permit application to be reviewed by the local governing authorities. 


In this phase the construction documents are given to one or competing builders for pricing. At this time, Roots Architecture + Design is available to answer all questions and provide additional information as requested by prospective bidders. 


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Once the building is under construction, Roots Architecture + Design will attend regular meetings with the builder to better ensure the design is being constructed per the contract documents. Site observation reports are issued to the client to maintain communication and track the overall progress. Although detail construction documentation minimizes unforeseen construction challenges, RA+D will collaborate with the builder as issues arise to verify the design integrity is maintained. Continuing to provide architectural services through construction is vital to ensuring the success of the design execution.


Example of the Typical Documents Provided for Full Architectural Services:

  • Site Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Exterior Elevations with Materials

  • Building Sections

  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Fireplace Drawings

  • Stair & Railing Drawings

  • Window Schedule & Details

  • Door Schedule & Details

  • Building Details

  • Outline Specifications


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Architectural Interior Design Services follows the same process from conceptual design through construction as Architectural Services does. In regards to the timeline of the interior design process, conceptual and schematic design lags behind the building architectural progress by a design phase. Once the building architecture is in design development, spaces are starting to be defined 3-dimensionally and it is then that the interior architecture can begin to be studied in greater detail.

Conceptual and schematic vignettes develop into design development and into material selection. Drawings and details evolve along with specifications to produce the construction documents.

Roots Architecture + Design provides services for designing, drawing plans, drawing elevations, detailing, specifying and coordinating fixed interior finishes and elements within the project.

The scope within these documents may include: 

  • Interior Architectural Design

  • Kitchen + Bath Design & Renovation

  • Interior Open Concept Renovations

  • Cabinetry & Custom Built-Ins Design

  • Closet Layout & Design

  • Flooring Selection

  • Tile + Slab Selection & Detailing

  • Plumbing Fixture Selection & Coordination

  • Appliance Selection & Coordination

  • Bath Accessories Selection & Coordination

  • Window & Door Casing and Baseboard Trim Design & Detailing

  • Decorative Lighting Selection

Architectural Interiors covers the scope of the fixed interior finishes and design. Roots Architecture + Design works closely with Interior Decorators to coordinate all loose finishes and accessories. A client may also choose to hire an Interior Designer. In this scenario, RA+D’s services can be modified to compliment and support the Designer’s scope to ensure a complete set of documents for the builder.